Technical support

Advanced experience behind our solution

Inventure Automotive is the developer and manufacturer of FMS CAN interfaces thus there are no technical questions that we could not answer. Should you have any technical question, our experts are always at your disposal.

Inventure Automotive is experienced in the system integration process, where an FMS capable telematics device is combined with a CAN interface to acquire vehicle related technical information. In many cases, such integration requires thorough knowledge on individual devices (device operation, function, installation, system communication) and close co-operation with the system integrator. Our specialists can provide high-level assistance for smooth system integration and problem solving.

We deliver our FMS Gateway CAN bus interfaces with installation guide where detailed information regarding CAN bus location can be found, but in some cases the need for technical support may arise. For general answers please visit Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.

Technical support benefits

provided by Inventure Automotive

  • Installation is done by qualified technicians and engineers
  • We are flexible, ready to provide unique solutions
  • Integration of CAN bus related devices into Telematics System
  • We can install different AVL devices, different boxes (box to box installation)
  • You will get reliable and incorruptible data from your vehicles
  • FMS messages

You can contact us with any of the following issues

  • Vehicle compatibility
  • Installation
  • Integration of CAN bus related devices into Telematics System
  • System Integration possibilities
  • Incorrect connection to the vehicle’s CAN bus
  • Configuration methods
  • FMS messages