System installation

You can do it easily

Inventure FMS Gateway devices are sold with vehicle specific installation guides containing pictures and detailed information on CAN bus location for easy access. An experienced technician can do the installation easily. It means that you can install Inventure FMS Gateway CAN bus interfaces and Contactless CAN adapters on your own without any difficulties.

OR we can do it for you

Inventure Automotive also offers experts to handle installation in Europe. You may need Inventure system installation in case of

➤ Experienced technician is not available at your company.
➤ You are struggling with the lack of capacity and professionals.
➤ You have to install FMS Gateways into different systems and in various types of vehicles.

Our specialists are not only installing Inventure Automotive related devices (Inventure FMS Gateway, ContactlessL-CAN, Inventure FMS CDR, etc.) but also any kind of telematics devices and its accessories, such as: touch screens, sensors, scanners, card readers, etc.


➤ Installation is done by qualified technicians.
➤ In complicated cases we can provide engineer’s support.
➤ We are flexible, ready to provide unique solutions.
➤ Complete installation together with AVL device and accessories.

You can contact us with any of the following problems

How can different systems be installed?

➤I cannot find CAN bus in the vehicle
➤Integration to Telematics System is not working
➤Lack of FMS messages
➤Incorrect vehicle CAN bus connection
➤Vehicle warranty issues (CAN connection related)
➤Technical support is needed
➤Wrong input and output interfaces
➤Incorrect installation of Contactless CAN adapter or FMS Gateway

If you would like to take advantage of our service of System Installation please kindly contact us.