CAN decoding database

We have focused on developing our core competence that is decoding CAN bus protocol parameters and translating them to FMS format. The CAN bus of vehicles are proprietary and idiosyncratic, therefore, most CAN bus protocols are different, you need to have the right decoding mechanism to eavesdrop and understand the communication of ECUs on the bus. We are able to retrieve any telemetric parameter (such as fuel usage, pedal positions etc.) from any vehicle that are much more extensive and accurate than parameters available on the OBD port.

If you wish to have accurate vehicle parameters, contact us, since we have decoded more than 1500 vehicle’s CAN communication already, and upon request we also adapt new vehicles as well.  By acquiring the database you will get access to these parameters and hence increase the value of your telematics services and gain competitive advantage over your competitors with new use cases and low-cost solutions.

CAN decoding database

We have CAN signal decoding database for over 1500 vehicles of different types and brands. The database not only includes the signal decoding keys but also manuals with more than 100 thousand photos for installation. With our self-developed software and hardware we constantly extend our database where the majority of the new adaptations are triggered by the customers or the market share of the vehicle model.

If your telematic company provides such services and sells tools in large quantities annually, we strongly advise to implement our CAN decoding database service into your portfolio. Please feel free to contact us, if your company's preferences meet the previous requirements.