RECE - Reducing emission in cities using ERD

Name of Tender: RECE - Reducing emission in cities using ERD
Date: 07.01.2020. - 12.31.2020.
Cost of tender: 49 000 EUR
Partners: Gerinfo Kft (leader of the consortium), Szent István Egyetem Projekt

Short summary: Air quality has improved since the introduction of transport restrictions1 due to the coronavirus. The technology solution of the project would support the maintenance of good air quality, the reduction of the risk of respiratory diseases, and the number of viruses transmitted by small particles.
The emission reducing performance optimising device (ERD) is currently in testing phase. Its effectiveness has been proved by laboratory tests. The device optimises the operation of petrol and diesel powered vehicles through reducing fuel consumption and pollutant emission while improving performance. The previous test results imply that local air pollution could be significantly decreased with the application of this device in internal combustion engine vehicles
The consortium aims at testing the device in real operational environment through several test designs and selecting the best one based on the effects on the emission, fuel consumption and performance of the vehicles used for testing.