Trailer ID


Inventure Trailer ID interface is capable of detecting the coupled status of the Trailer and location.


➤ Reducing human error
➤ Maximum utilisation and optimising task, more time enroute
➤ Periodic service date are calculable
➤ Easy installation
➤ Compatible with most truck and trailer units
➤ No additional wiring needed

Use cases

➤ Fleet management
➤ Logistics
➤ Risk management
➤ Administration

How it works?

Inventure Trailer ID is a standalone solution that transmits the identification number of a trailer to a receiver unit in a truck. When in combination with an AVL system the ID can be sent over the air to the back office. Installation is easy and basically no maintenance is needed since no batteries are required. We designed Trailer ID to be compatible with any vehicle brand, make or model Trailer ID can be connected up to a combination of trailers.

track trailer id


Receives the ID number and transmits it through the AVL to your telematics system.

trailer ID


Sends the trailer’s unique ID number (VIN) to the receiver unit.

trailer ID front

More trailer? No problem


Technical details

➤ Compatible with any truck brand and make
➤ No battery – no maintenance
➤ No additional wiring needed
➤ Fully automatic trailer identification
➤ Up-to- date trailer connection status all the time
➤ Transmitted unique ID: device’s factory ID or custom configurate ID (VIN, licence Plate number)

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