Inventure Starter Kit

Our Starter Kit was designed to provide a trial to our solutions without commitment. You can test out the functionality of our products easily on your desk in the office without the need to install it in a vehicle.

The package CONTAINS:

1 pc Inventure FMS Gateway G2 with Simulator FW
The Gateway FW can be upgraded
2 pcs CL-CAN – contactless CAN sensors
1 pc CL-J1708 – contactless CAN sensor
1 pc vehicle FW
1 pc Output cable set
1 pc PC Software tool for Fw update - license (6months)
1 pc Cable kit for Software update tool
Various manuals in pdf format

The FMS Gateway within the kit has a simulator firmware installed – that gives various FMS signals on a timely basis. This gives the possibility to hook it up to your telematic appliance (AVL) on your desk and check how it works with your hardware and software.

You will also get the firmware for a selected vehicle; as you will probably want to install the device in a vehicle and test it there too.

We offer a 45-day money-back guarantee. Within 45 days from the reception of your parcel, if you decide that you do not want to keep the starter kit, you can send it back to us. If it is in mint condition, we will send the price of the product back to you.

Key benefits

Provides a pop-up test environment even on your desk
Connectable to almost any kind of AVL device
Status indicator light for the error-free  installation
Comes with custom firmware for the pre-selected vehicle
All-in-one, turnkey test kit with various manuals
45 - day money- back guarantee