Reefer Interface


Inventure Reefer InterfaceTM – intelligent solution for comprehensive measurement of reefer data*, cargo temperature*, and door status*. The device provides multi-zone temperature-monitoring (up to three separated zones) and acquires additional information such as operating mode, engine mode, and total hours of operation.

Inventure Reefer InterfaceTM acquires data directly from the Thermo King and Carrier refrigerators reefer unit. The solution does not require the manufacturer’s telematics interface (i.e., iBox) or any additional sensor installation. Standard output CAN interface provided by a contactless connection to the unit’s internal network, collect, process and forward information to telematics systems with the support of standard High-Speed CAN (FMS Standard compatible) output protocol.

Inventure Contactless CAN sensor provides the contactless connection to avoid any warranty and safety issues. The non-galvanic connection guarantees that no signal gets back to the refrigerator’s communication system.

* pls check with Inventure for data availability

reefer box

Key features

➤ Contactless and safety connection
➤ FMS Standard compatible CAN or RS232  output
➤ No need for manufacture translator  interface
➤ No need for additional sensors
➤ Multizone support (up to 3 zones)
➤ Easy integration with any telematics systems

Supported units

➤ All Thermo King units equipped with SR2 controller
➤ All Thermo King units equipped with SR3 controller
➤ Carrier Vector series
➤ Carrier Xarios series

Output information

➤ Reefer data
➤ Cargo temperature (Return air temperature)
➤ Setpoint temperature
➤ Discharge air temperature
➤ Evaporator coil temperature
➤ Door status
➤ Zone status (enabled/disabled)
➤ Engine mode (diesel/electric)
➤ Operation mode (continuous/cycle- sentry)
➤ Total diesel and electric run hours

Technical details

➤ Output:
  - High-speed CAN - 250 kbaud
  - RS232: 115200 bit /s
➤ ISO11898-2
➤LED status feedback for easy installation
➤ Power supply: 8..32V
➤ Stand-by detection
➤ Current consumption:
  - In operation: 30 mA
  - Stand-by mode: 3-6 mA

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