Digital Tachograph Remote Download

Digital Tachograph Remote Download embedded-Software Solution

In the European Union the installation of digital tachographs has been mandatory since 2006. It has created new perspectives when it comes to accessing vehicle-related technical information. The use of driver cards has made driver identification easy without the need of installing any additional devices. The option to download digital tachograph information provides data on driving status (e.g. driving time), and the data also needs to be downloadable to fulfill legal requirements. Inventure provides a software solution to download digital tachograph, DTCO 1381, SE 5000 data remotely.

Figure about How the tachograph works.

Digital Tachograph benefits

  • Appropriate digital tachograph information, precise DTCO data
  • Digital tachograph remote download
  • Remote Card Authentication
  • Effective logistics planning
  • Online information regarding drivers' working and resting hours
  • Monitoring and optimization of drivers' time schedule
  • Reduction of time spent on administration
  • Improvement of efficency of the fleet
  • Fast and reliable digital tachograph data download
  • A complete digital tachograph Remote Download in 15 minutes

Supported digital tachograph manufacturers

  • VDO - Continental Corporation (DTCO 1381)
  • Stoneridge, Inc. (SE 5000)
  • Inventure Automotive also supports the latest generation digital tachographs, eg. VDO v4 or Stoneridge 8.

Digital Tachograph Remote Download features

Digital Tachograph Remote download (DDD File)

The European Union regulations require companies to download the tachograph data every 90 days and the driver data every 28 days for each of their vehicles in their fleet. The digital tachograph remote download feature helps avoid time-consuming manual downloads from the digital tachograph. Inventure Automotive’s solution requires a physical connection to the DTCO and provides a serial connection to carry out remote card authentication or download data. Inventure, Inc. provides a software solution that can be integrated with any AVL (GPS based vehicle tracking) devices to meet customer needs. When implementing our solution in conjunction with an existing AVL, it is possible to decrease the number of required devices and the downloaded DTCO tacho information can be transmitted wirelessly to a server.

Cost-effective planning with precise DTCO data

The vehicle positioning itself is not enough for optimum logistics planning. A general estimate of driving times is not appropriate to plan effectively the drivers’ time schedule. Inventure Automotive is able to provide proper driving information when precise tachograph data is acquired from the digital tachograph - DTCO - and forwarded to your server eg. Continuous Driving Time, Cumulative Brake Time or Driver Identification Number.

Test environment for integration

Besides the RDL software solution, Inventure provides PC software as well to make the development and integration much easier. This software can emulate the behaviour of the server and control the communication between the RDL device and the PC. It provides examples on how to implement a server solution for remote data download using the RDL device. The software can also handle Smart Card Readers to accomplish remote authentication.