Use cases

We are able to collect and analyze important vehicle parameters from the CAN bus of the vehicle in real-time. Inventure’s core technology is the ability to decipher these parameters from any vehicle, even those not in our decoding database (see new vehicle adaptation).

Decrypting new vehicle CAN protocols is our main competitive advantage that makes us possible to retrieve necessary data from the CAN bus network of any vehicle. We do that in no time and translate these parameters to FMS standards.

Fleet management purpose solutions (including the ones fitting FMS standard) are using vehicle parameters to optimize the performance of the vehicle, the driver and the fleet by analyzing telematics data and measuring important parameters for economical operation of the fleet. Mostly investigated parameters are fuel consumption, maintenance demand and the factors with major impact on driver behaviour and vehicle (engine) condition.

With connected car solutions getting more known in the market the number of use cases for telematics data is increasing as well. With continuous measure of fuel consumption, speed, coolant temperature and emission, etc. we can use telematics data to reduce carbon footprints and fuel usage. Driving behaviour related data can be used for usage-based insurance, motivation systems (HR); engine, battery, etc. data for maintenance; location for market research and safety services. The number of use cases are countless, for a short representation see the list below (with examples of collected data).

Diagnostic Trouble Code, Miles to Inspection, Battery Voltage, Engine Coolant Temperature, Engine Oil Level, Brake Pad Wear etc.
Acceleration, Deceleration, Steering, , Fuel Consumption, Fuel Level, Vehicle Speed, Engine Speed, Engine Coolant Temperature, Fuel Range, Pedal Handling
Fuel Consumption, Fuel Level, Vehicle Speed, Engine Speed, Engine Coolant Temperature, Fuel Range, Pedal Position, Idle Fuel Use
Parameter examples
Fleet Management Services
Environmental Industry
Fleet Management Services
Car Lease
HR – Motivation Systems
Insurance Market – Usage-Based-Insurance
Fleet Management Services
Door, Seatbelt, EPS/ABS, Trailer ABS status, , Axle Weight, Yaw Control, VDC Status, Trailer Warnings
Reefer Zone Temperatures, Operation Modes, Engine Hours
Separate Axle Weights, Axle Load Sum, Trailer Axle Weights
Food industry, commerce, pharmacology
Oil n gas industry
Industry examples
Employee and freight safety, accident prevention
Freight temperature monitoring
Weight measurement and vehicle weight control
Maintenance and periodical technical inspection support
UBI/Driving behaviour scoring
Fuel and emission control
Use cases