Monitor your forklift fleet performance

The Challenge

Our partner was challenged by a pressing demand for more forklifts to meet growing customer expectations. Instead of rushing into hasty investment decisions, however, they were looking into finding data-driven management information to see whether the performance of the existing fleet is quantifiable. 


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The Solution

Our goal was to get access to, extract and evaluate all data available on forklift utilization rate, and provide the company with hard facts to identify weak points in order to improve overall fleet performance and optimize the size of the fleet in a factory. To get the optimum result, we worked together with an indoor navigation and tracking company, and a data visualization company.

First, we established key metrics to monitor. In the course of our task, we conducted a test run to check whether the forklift trucks can be used to determine seat occupancy, battery level and other metrics extracted from the CAN network. Once the survey confirmed that the data can be retrieved, we adjusted the firmware required for proper operation. The extracted data was transferred to the indoor module and also mounted on the forklift, which transferred it to the server of the data visualization company where the data was processed and presented.

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CL-CAN sensor

FMS gateway G2 plus

FMS Gateway


The targets set in the preparatory phase of the project were fully met. Telematics data provided exact metrics on forklift utilization rates and gave insights into underlying reasons for downtime. Telematics data also reveal when a comprehensive training for operators is called for to improve driving behavior. This alone plays a significant role in reducing both damage costs and downtime. In short, forklift telematics can curb overall operating costs and provides hard facts to make informed business decisions. 


By implementing telematics solutions to monitor fleet performance, guesswork can be swept off the table for good. By providing accurate key performance indicators and identifying fleet performance issues, telematics data give full control of your fleet at all times.
Let’s see how our telematics solutions work for your bottom line

Metrics provided

Battery voltage
Vehicle identification
Deadman switch
Fork load
Gateway power supply voltage
Error lights
Vehicle Speed
Forklift Operation
Hours of operation
Disctance travelled
Battery power
Battery power
Time to next service
Direction of movement
Vehicle headlight status
Fork lifting
Engine speed
Error code
Fork sinking
Brake pedal switch
Engine Coolant Temperature
Fork leaning angle
Parking brake status
Fork movement direction
Steering angle
Gas pedal position
Fuel consumed
Tank Level
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