Maintenance and Operations Cost Reduction

Ensure smoother operational performance; minimize unscheduled downtime and replacement costs for your clients’ fleet.

Our Can to FMS parameters supports your telematics services for maintenance and operations optimalization.

Scheduled Maintenance Automatization

Provide the following services with our data support

  • Proactive preventative maintenance scheduling based on vehicle mileage or hours-of-use to keep your clients’ fleet running smoothly.
  • On-demand maintenance reports to research issues and assess overall fleet health.
  • Coordination of repairs in advance across entire fleets.

Inventure parameters supporting automated schedueled maintenance

  • Service interval
  • Total vehicle distance
  • Total engine hours
  • Total Fuel Used

Examples of usage

  • Set a preferred service distance, like 20,000 km, and our system will countdown. When it reaches 1,500 km, you'll receive a warning about the upcoming mandatory service. .
  • If the service distance isn't feasible, our system can use the odometer parameter to alert you.

Remote Diagnostics

Your service could include:

  • Notify your client when a vehicle generates a malfunction indicator light or diagnostic trouble code.
  • Assessing problems with error code descriptions before they become major issues in order to minimize repair and replacement costs.

Inventure parameters supporting Remote Diagnostics

  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Engine oil temperature
  • Transmission oil temperature
  • DTC parameters (diagnostic trouble code)
  • MIL parameters

Examples of usage

  • Concerned about renters ignoring trouble codes in your clients' truck rentals? Our system provides warning about trouble codes, along with an assessment of their severity. 

Predictive Maintenance

Your service could include:

  • Health and safety scores calculations that detect looming issues early-on, color-coded based on severity for easy reference.
  • Advanced mileage and time prediction to take action before a fault will escalate and becomes a problem.
  • Recommendions for action plans that inform maintenance decisions and keep the vehicles running smoothly.

Inventure parameters supporting Preventive Maintenance

  • Engine MIL indicator
  • AdBlue level low

Examples of usage

  • Dashboard lighting informs the driver about electrical faults or defective parts. With the Inventure solution you could offer a service to make these lights available to the fleet manager so that he can react directly to this malfunction. He can arrange parts in advance, reserve time in the workshop and possibly deploy a replacement vehicle.

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