Fuel-efficent driving

Provide fleet owner partners with invaluable insights regarding eco-driving

Fuel consumption accounts for approximately 25% of a fleet's operating costs on average. Eco-driving practices are essential for reducing fuel usage and minimizing environmental impact when operating vehicles. By partnering with Inventure Eco-driving parameters, you can provide your fleet owner partners with precise fuel data and driver behavior insights to identify trends and events that result in excessive fuel usage, leading to informed decisions for optimal fleet efficiency.

Gain access to a wealth of information concerning eco-driving

  • harsh braking
  • harsh acceleration
  • driving behavior
  • causes of bad fuel consumption
  • real-time fuel consumption
  • cruise control usage
  • optimum RPM range
  • brake application
  • brake duration
  • kilometers traveled
  • working time
  • idle time
  • engine hours
  • constant speed
  • gear shifting
  • ... and more

Essential parameters regarding eco-driving are provided to our telematics partners

  • vehicle acceleration ratio      (Economy, Dynamic, Harsh)
  • vehicle braking ratio             (Economy, Dynamic, Harsh)
  • fuel consumed
  • time engine run
  • time ignition on
  • distance
  • average speed
  • average fuel
  • distance
  • time idle
  • time (cold engine)
  • cruise control active
  • parking brake

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