Driver Behavior & Safety

Provide fleet owner partners with invaluable insights regarding driver behavior

In an industry where human error is accountable for over 80% of accidents, enhancing vehicle and driver safety holds paramount significance. Through your telematics services, your partners gain valuable insights into driver performance and identify areas that require coaching. They can effectively monitor and enhance the safety of their fleet while acquiring comprehensive knowledge about the utilization of their vehicles.

Gain access to a wealth of information concerning driver behavior

  • speeding
  • sharp cornering
  • harsh braking
  • harsh acceleration
  • real-time fuel consumption
  • kilometers driven
  • fuel efficiency
  • idle time
  • constant speed
  • coasting 
  • gear shifting
  • seat belt usage
  • parking brake usage
  • lights usage
  • wipers usage
  • ... and more

Essential parameters regarding driver behavior are provided to our telematics partners

  • vehicle speed
  • steering wheel angle
  • engine speed (rpm)
  • odometer
  • instantanious fuel consumption
  • engine load – load
  • engine coolant temperature
  • transmission gear state
  • electronic transmission controll
  • accelerator pedal position
  • brake switch
  • idle time
  • cruise control active
  • average fuel consumption
  • engine fuel rate
  • retarder torque mode
  • drivers demand retarder percent torque
  • retarder selection, non-engine
  • main lights
  • high beam
  • rear fog lights
  • seat belt buckled
  • door open
  • wiper
  • parking brake

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