Is the decoded CAN Bus data accessible for a particular vehicle?

Our Supported Vehicle Library makes it easy to find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Introduction to our Supported Vehicle Library

We have extracted CAN Bus data from over 2,000 vehicles and converted it into FMS standard and Inventure Extra parameters through decoding. The firmware of each vehicle contains the converter of raw CAN Bus data into FMS parameters.

We upload these firmware versions to the Supported Vehicle Library, where anyone can verify the availability of the firmware for their desired vehicle. If the firmware is available, after registration, it is possible to check the list of available data.

In addition to viewing the details, our customers have the option to download the required firmware along with the corresponding installation guides for their vehicles.

Our library can be searched by category (agricultural, bus, car, van, truck, etc.), manufacturer, model, and model year. It covers a wide range of vehicles, both geographically and by type, including 183 vehicle brands, 100+ EV and hybrid vehicles, and vehicles from three regions (EMEA, LATAM, APAC).

A Constantly Expanding Library

We consistently augment our library by adding more than 300 decoded vehicles each year. Our additions are based on a defined strategy that prioritizes the most popular vehicles within fleets and vehicles requested by our telematics partners. In all cases, the firmware will be uploaded alongside the installation guides and the available data list for each vehicle.

Facilitating the work of our telematics partners

  • Quick Verification: Customers can promptly check whether we have the firmware for a specific vehicle they are uncertain about. If the vehicle in question is not currently listed in our database, we encourage them to contact us, as it may have already had the CAN Bus data extracted, but the reverse engineering process of the data could be underway.
  • Data Availability Check: Customers can examine the list of available data for their desired vehicle.
  • Firmware Downloads: Customers can download the firmware required for the FMS Gateway devices they have purchased.
  • Installation Assistance: In addition to firmware downloads, customers can access installation guides to facilitate the quick and effortless installation of our FMS Gateway device.

Let's Talk

What to do if your desired vehicle is not found in the library?

If you cannot find the vehicle you are looking for in our library, there are two possible reasons:

1.  CAN bus data extraction has been done, but decoding is in progress. Please contact us, and we will provide an update on the status of the decoding.

2.  We have not yet started the CAN Bus data extraction of the vehicle. In this case, we can carry out a CAN Bus data extraction and decoding by individual agreement. Find out more about individual vehicle data measurement and decoding on our website.

Meeting specific parameter requirements

In certain instances, you may have specific parameter requirements for your telematics service that are not present in the vehicle data list you are exploring. Two scenarios can arise in such cases.

Firstly, the data list may not include all the available parameters you are seeking, such as adblue or ambient temperature. While these parameters may be available, they might not be listed.

Secondly, the specific parameters you are requesting may not be currently available. In such situations, we offer the option to conduct custom data extraction and reverse engineering. This service is provided to our partners on a separate contractual basis, allowing us to meet your specific parameter needs effectively.

If you require a parameter that is not included in the existing list or have specific parameter requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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