Cut installation time with ease

With each of our FMS Gateway devices, we supply not only the decoding firmware for the chosen vehicle but also a comprehensive installation guide.

Introducing Our Installation Guide

Our downloadable installation guide accompanies the decoding firmware for over 2000 vehicles in our database. To transmit the decoded CAN Bus data to the tracking unit, two devices are required: the CAN Bus and J1708 network reader, which connects to specific wires of the CAN bus, and the FMS Gateway, responsible for decoding and transmitting the vehicle's CAN Bus data.

It is crucial to have precise knowledge of unit placement and wire connections. Our installation guides provide detailed descriptions and visual references, including photos, to locate the wires for data extraction. Additionally, they offer instructions on mounting the CAN Bus reader and establishing the connection to the FMS Gateway.

Benefits of Our Installation Guides

Our installation guides simplify the installation process and minimize the risk of errors. In addition, our devices are designed to provide immediate feedback during installation via an LED status indicator, indicating successful installation. This feature ensures that the installation process is seamless and that any errors can be identified and addressed promptly.

Let's Talk

Our installation guides thoroughly explain the six primary areas

  • Connector layout of the FMS Gateway
  • Explanation of the FMS Gateway LED status
  • Step-by-step installation instructions
  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Location of CAN Bus and power connection points (including descriptions and pictures)
  • Unique installation steps for specific cases such as fuel tank size and analogue fuel level
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