No wonder technicians love installing our FMS Gateways

The Installation Guide included with the Gateways reduces installation time from hours to minutes

What does the Installation Guide include?

For each of the over 2,500 supported vehicles, we provide a comprehensive installation guide complete with photographs. These guides clearly indicate the access points for locating the necessary wires. Additionally, the guide assists in identifying the two specific wires (CAN Low and CAN High) that need to be positioned on our Gateway's sensor surface for safe, contactless data extraction.

Where can I find the Installation Guide?

As a GW customer and registered partner, you can access the Supported Vehicle Library. By searching for your specific vehicle, you will find the available parameter list along with the Installation Guide, which can be downloaded based on your agreed quota.

Installation made even easier

Our Gateway features an LED indicator to verify proper installation, eliminating the need for revisiting the vehicle. In most cases, the LED light will glow green immediately, signaling a proper CAN data connection. If not, the light's flashing frequency and color help identify potential issues so they can be addressed immediately.

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