Find out quickly and easily how to get the data you need

With or FMS Data Test Kit, you can test at your desk how our solution works with your telematics device.

Already more than a million vehicles rely
on our CAN Bus data solutions

FMS Data Test Kit for facilitating comprehensive testing

  1. FMS Gateway: The kit contains an FMS Gateway equipped with pre-installed simulator firmware, allowing for seamless integration and connectivity.
  2. Connectivity Cables: Various connectivity options are provided through cables included in the kit, ensuring compatibility with different AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) units.
  3. Data Transfer: With the tools in the kit, customers can connect the FMS Gateway to their AVL unit to receive data. The simulator firmware efficiently transfers more than 80 FMS standard and extra data points to the AVL unit, enabling comprehensive testing and analysis.
  4. Guide: A detailed guide accompanies the firmware, assisting users in identifying and understanding the incoming data.
  5. Complete Data Set: To provide a comprehensive overview, the kit offers the option to view the complete data set, granting access to all available parameters.
  6. Contactless Sensors: Additionally, the kit includes contactless sensors for further testing on vehicles, allowing for comprehensive evaluations beyond bench testing.
  7. Test Vehicle Firmware: The firmware for the test vehicle is also included, ensuring compatibility and accurate simulation during testing.

The FMS Data Test Kit empowers users to thoroughly assess the functionality and performance of our solution, making it an invaluable resource for optimizing integration and validating data accuracy

Seven Simple Steps for Desktop Testing

  1. Power the FMS Gateway in the Test Kit using a lab power supply or a 12-volt battery.
  2. Establish a connection between the FMS Gateway and your AVL device by utilizing the CAN and/or RS232 input. If RS232 output is utilized, you can also connect the FMS Gateway to your computer using an adapter.
  3. Configure your AVL device by enabling the CAN Acknowledgement option, which may be referred to as "CAN Normal mode," "CAN Active mode," or "CAN R/W mode" on certain devices.
  4. When using CAN output, it is possible to verify the correct configuration of the FMS Gateway through the assistance of the LED status indicators.
  5. The pre-installed simulator on the firmware will commence transmitting data in half-minute cycles, simulating data as if it were originating from a vehicle.
  6. With the help of the simulator manual provided, the incoming parameters can be easily identified.
  7. If you receive data via RS232 input or require non FMS standard data, we will supply you with the relevant protocol help manual.

By following these steps, you will successfully obtain the requested data during your desktop testing.

Let's Talk

What is offered as part of the price of the FMS Data Test Kit?

The price of the FMS Data Test Kit is 499 EUR and it encompasses the following items.

  • 1 vehicle simulator firmware
  • 1 selected vehicle's firmware
  • 1 FMS Gateway Plus
  • 1 set of cables (main, RS232, USB)
  • 3 contactless CAN Bus reading sensors (1 pcs for J1708, 2 pcs for CAN 7-32V)
  • 2 hours of integration support



Seven Additional Steps for In-Vehicle Testing

  1. Choose 3-4 vehicles available for testing.
  2. We offer recommendations based on our expertise to suggest which vehicles are optimal for testing purposes.
  3. Once the selected vehicle is finalized, we will provide you with three essential materials:
    a. The firmware link specific to the chosen vehicle.
    b. Instructions for installing the new firmware.
    c. Installation instructions tailored to the selected vehicle, facilitating the connection of the CAN Sensor and FMS Gateway.
  4. Replace the simulator firmware with the vehicle firmware during the installation process.
  5. Follow the installation guide to correctly install the contactless sensor on the CAN Bus cables of the vehicle.
  6. Power the FMS Gateway and connect it to both the CAN Bus reader and your AVL device.
  7. Successful connection establishment is indicated by the activation of green lights on both pf our devices.

Should you encounter any difficulties or have any questions during the process, our dedicated Inventure support engineers are available to provide assistance. Please feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries related to testing.

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