Empower Your Telematics Services with Data Tailored to Any Complexity

We support telematics services with more than 80 FMS standard and 50 Inventure extra parameters from the CAN Bus network.

Already more than a million vehicles rely
on our CAN Bus data solutions

We relieve our telematics partners
from extracting and decoding CAN Bus data

What and how much data can be extracted from the CAN Bus network varies from vehicle to vehicle. Part of the data is converted into FMS standard parameters, while the other part of the data is made available as Inventure extra parameters to our partners. Currently we are able to provide around 80 FMS standard parameters and 50 extra parameters depending on the vehicle type.

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Decoded CAN Bus data opens up a wide range of application areas

By default, our telematics partners rely on us to provide seven fundamental parameters: fuel level, engine speed, odometer, engine coolant temperature, fuel rate, vehicle speed, and pedal status. These parameters are essential for cost analysis and maintenance notifications, serving as the foundation for informed decision-making. However, when it comes to other service areas such as driving behavior and eco-driving, additional data becomes necessary. This additional data can be sourced from either FMS standard parameters or Inventure extra parameters, tailored to meet specific requirements.

While we strive for consistent output lists of available data, it's important to note that data availability may vary from vehicle to vehicle and rely on the processing capabilities of the tracking units. In the use case section, we will present examples of the data that may be essential for each service area, enabling our partners to gain a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities. Furthermore, there are instances where completely novel data requirements arise. In such cases, our accomplished engineers collaborate closely with our customers to develop innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Conveniently verify the available data

Effortlessly access the data lists for each vehicle by completing a simple registration in our database. Upon registration, you will gain access to the comprehensive lists of available FMS standard parameters and Inventure extra parameters. In the event that you require parameters for additional modules such as Reefer or DTCO, which may not be included in the existing list, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Conditions for Processing the Available Data

The processing capabilities of tracking units may vary depending on the specific case. Each tracking unit must possess the capability to receive and interpret the data, followed by the appropriate display of the extracted information. Our experienced engineers are readily available to assist you in determining whether your tracking device is equipped with the necessary inputs (such as RS232 or CAN input) to receive the data. They can also provide insights into device compatibility based on their expertise and previous experience. If you have any inquiries or require guidance regarding the data processing conditions specific to your tracking device, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support engineers. 



Meeting Specific Parameter Requirements

In certain instances, you may have specific parameter requirements for your telematics service that are not present in the vehicle data list you are exploring. Two scenarios can arise in such cases. Firstly, the data list may not include all the available parameters you are seeking, such as adblue or ambient temperature. While these parameters may be available, they might not be listed. Secondly, the specific parameters you are requesting may not be currently available. In such situations, we offer the option to conduct custom data extraction and reverse engineering. This service is provided to our partners on a separate contractual basis, allowing us to meet your specific parameter needs effectively. If you require a parameter that is not included in the existing list or have specific parameter requests, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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