Unlock new opportunities by extending your telematics services to EVs

We added over 100 electric vehicles with a unique data set to our CAN to FMS Decoding Database.

Already more than a million vehicles rely
on our CAN Bus data solutions

The Challenge of Extracting Data from Electric Vehicles

In the realm of pure electric and hybrid vehicles, the absence of a standardized data set, similar to the FMS standard for internal combustion engine vehicles, has posed a challenge. However, our company has successfully addressed this gap by developing a unique data set. Leveraging our extensive experience gained from conducting over 100 data extraction and reverse engineering on electric and hybrid vehicles, we have created a tailored data set. This innovative resource facilitates the seamless provision of telematics services for both pure electric and hybrid vehicles, empowering businesses with valuable insights.

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Electric vs. Combustion: Key differences in vehicle data sets

Electric vehicles present unique challenges when it comes to data sets. Unlike combustion engine vehicles, there are no standard data sets available, and there is no single industry consensus on the definition of relevant parameters. Additionally, electric vehicles are more likely to have non-uniform data availability, making it difficult to extract and analyze data. Furthermore, some parameters used for combustion engine vehicles are not applicable to electric vehicles, adding to the complexity of data analysis.

Unlocking the potential of electric vehicle data

Leveraging our comprehensive data extraction and reverse engineering conducted on over 100 electric and hybrid vehicles, we are pleased to present six fundamental parameters that provide invaluable insights. These parameters include:

  1. State of Charge
  2. High Voltage Battery Voltage
  3. High Voltage Battery Current
  4. High Voltage Battery Power
  5. Consumed Energy
  6. Recuperated Energy


By considering both the Consumed Energy and Recuperated Energy parameters, we obtain precise information on energy consumption, a key differentiating factor from internal combustion engines.

These six parameters serve as a foundation for understanding and analyzing electric and hybrid vehicle performance, enabling informed decision-making and enhanced operational efficiency.


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