Transforming the extracted data from CAN Bus networks into an easily interpretable format

Over the last 20 years we have successfully decrypted the CAN data from over 2000 vehicles, enabling seamless access for our partners to this data in the standardized FMS format.

Decoding of CAN data to enable our partners to provide telematics services with greater ease

In the majority of instances, the tracking units employed by our telematics partners encounter limitations in directly processing the raw data extracted from the vehicles' CAN Bus network. To overcome this obstacle, our proficient engineers undertake the task of decoding the raw CAN data and subsequently provide it in the standardized FMS format along with Inventure extra data. This processed data can seamlessly be received and interpreted by the tracking units, ensuring effective utilization for our partners.

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Flexible and collaborative methods while working with our partners in data reverse engineering

In numerous instances, there is a demand for CAN data reverse engineering to vehicles that are already included in our comprehensive decoded database. In the case our partners proceed by installing the CAN to FMS decoding firmware specifically tailored for the chosen vehicle onto the FMS Gateway device they have acquired. Subsequently, they align their tracking devices with the FMS Gateway to effortlessly receive the readily interpretable data.

The majority of reverse engineering orders, however, revolve around vehicles that are unfamiliar to us. To address this, we collaborate closely with our partners and employ two distinct models for decoding CAN data. In the first model, our telematics partners undertake the vehicle survey to extract the necessary CAN data, while our adept engineers focus on decoding the acquired data. During these surveys, our customers' technicians receive comprehensive support through remote assistance and a survey guide, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Alternatively, when confronted with the task of extracting and decodiing data of a substantial number of vehicles simultaneously, our dedicated team travels to the site to conduct the CAN data extraction, followed by the subsequent data decoding process.

In addition to the aforementioned types of assignments, our accomplished colleagues carry out CAN data extraction on over 300 vehicles annually. This proactive approach ensures that our esteemed partners benefit from an up-to-date and comprehensive database.

Major benefits of Inventure reverse engineering

  • Our partners benefit from accessing precise and multi-parameter data through our database, which exclusively contains decoding firmware for the vehicles whose data has been successfully decoded through our reverse engineering efforts.
  • With over 20 years of experience, we have established a track record in CAN data reverse engineering.
  • The decoding process is efficiently conducted by our engineering colleagues within a short timeframe, often just a matter of days, based on the agreement and measurement accuracy.
  • The decoding firmware is uploaded to our Supported Vehicle Library database, offering a searchable platform for identifying vehicles for which we have decryption records.
  • We provide our customers with the convenience of downloading the required firmware from the Supported Vehicle Library.
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