Monitor your refrigerator units with ease

We provide you a warranty safe access to collect refrigerator unit information* in a manufacture independent way.

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*Primarily, we support Thermoking and Carrier units with data.

Unlock the limitations of using the manufacturer's interface

Inventure Reefer Box is an intelligent solution for comprehensive measurement of reefer data*, cargo temperature* and door status*. The device can provide multi-zone temperature-monitoring (up to three separated zones) and  it can acquire additional information such as operating mode, engine mode, and total hours of operation.

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*Data availability may vary by refrigerator unit type. Please contact us for data availability.

Key Benefits of Inventure's FMS Reefer Box

  • Key Benefits of Inventure's FMS Reefer Box 
  • Thermo King and Carrier telematics data compatible
  • Multizone support (up to 3 zones)
  • RS232 output or FMS Standard compatible CAN output
  • Easy integration with any telematics systems
  • Comes with a step by step installation guide
  • Easy and safe access to reefer unit’s information
  • Brand independent, reliable and precise parameters
  • 3rd party, OEM independent solution
  • No need for manufacturer’s translator interface
  • Besides a CAN sensor you don't need any additional sensors

How it works?

Inventure Reefer Box is a device that acquires data directly from the Thermo King and Carrier refrigerators' internal network. The Reefer Box acquires CAN bus data through a warranty safe, contactless CAN reader, processes these signals using high-precision algorithms and the decoded protocol of the vehicle, and converts the data into an output format is FMS standard compatible CAN or RS232 data.  The output real-time data is transferred via a hardwire (FMS Gateway output cable - FMS CAN and/or RS232) method.

Output Reefer information

  • Reefer cargo temperature (Return air temperature)
  • Setpoint temperature
  • Discharge air temperature
  • Return air temperature
  • Door status
  • Zone status (enabled/disabled)
  • Engine mode (diesel/electric)
  • Total diesel and electric run hours
  • Operation mode (continuous/cycle- sentry) 

Supported Units

  • Thermo King units equipped with SR2-3-4 controller
  • Thermo King V series (300 and similar)
  • Carrier Vector series (1950MT and similar)
  • Carrier Xarios series (300, 500 and similar)

If you need to extract data from refrigerator units that are not currently in our database, we can conduct or supervise a measurement, then start the process of reverse engineering processes at short notice.

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