Introducing our innovative 2-in-1 FMS converter equipped with a built-in CAN reader

Save time on installation and achieve cost savings.


What makes FMS Gateway Compact the ideal choice for you?


Auto-detection of 2000+ vehicles


installation time

0 sec

firmware installation

A comprehensive overview of our revolutionary new solution

With the FMS Gateway Compact we have consolidated the functionalities of both the contactless CAN reader and the FMS Gateway into a single, compact unit.

This compact tool boasts the capability to extract and convert data from an extensive database of over 2000 vehicles that we have meticulously decoded. It includes crucial information such as vehicle speed, engine RPM, fuel-related metrics, odometer readings, engine coolant temperature, and various other vital parameters. This consolidation simplifies the process and enhances the efficiency of obtaining key vehicle data for your AVL needs.

Inventure FMS Gateway Compact device can be useful for any aftermarket device that requires vehicle CAN data such as: 

  • Automatic Vehicle Locating system
  • Fleet Management System
  • Vehicle status display
  • Fuel control

FMS Gateway Compact offers eight additional benefits

  • In the future, only one product will be needed instead of two.
  • In addition to including decoded firmware for over 2000 vehicles, our device is also capable of automatically detecting the specific vehicle.
  • Compatible with five major vehicle categories: trucks, buses, vans, passenger cars, and agricultural/construction vehicles.
  • Highly cost-effective.
  • Requires a shorter installation time.
  • No need for additional firmware installation as our device comes preloaded.To further reduce installation time, our device comes with installation instructions for the specific vehicles you've selected.
  • In the future, you can easily update your compact device with the newly released extended firmware.

Impressive amount of data in this small compact device.

The FMS Gateway Compact reads vehicles' CAN signals without requiring a galvanic connection. It then converts these signals into standardized FMS protocol

Our compact device can send data through either an FMS/J1939 CANbus or RS232 output. This data includes the standard FMS parameters, as a subset of J1939 standard, as well as additional parameters calculated by Inventure.


  • Speed
  • Engine RPM
  • Fuel-related metrics
  • Odometer readings
  • Engine coolant temperature
  •  Eco drivingEV parameters (SOC)
  • .. and various other vital parameters.

In total – over 100 vehicle parameters.

Our device offers improved and advantageous operation characteristics

Power supply          
Voltage supply VBAT 7 12/27  32 V
Operating current I_op 10 15 35 mA
Standby current I_sb  2  3 4 mA
CAN interface          
Baud rate   50 250 1000 kBaud
Terminating resistor R_t 120 120 120 Ohm
Environmental characteristics          
Storage temperature T_storage -40   85 ºC
Operating temperature T_op -40   75 ºC
Humidity RH 5   80 %
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