Say goodbye to the FMS data challenges from various vehicles

Extract easily over 100 decoded CAN bus data with our FMS Gateway device from 2000+ vehicles.

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Over 300,000 units are relied upon by the largest telematics companies

Overcoming barriers for obtaining all necessary data

Obtaining the necessary FMS data for your clients’ fleet can be challenging due to various reasons. Your partner may face high costs to activate OEMs FMS, or the fleet may lack a built-in FMS. You should provide telematics services that cater to an inhomogeneous fleet with different brands or vehicle types. Additionally, your existing data converter device may not support certain vehicles or unable to process or produce the required data. And there can be many more reasons.

Inventure's FMS Gateway provides a cost-effective alternative solution to overcome these challenges.

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5 Key Benefits of Inventure's FMS Gateway

  1. From 5 Continents: Over 2000 Vehicles' CAN Bus Data Decoded to FMS Standard
  2. We have decoded protocols for close to 180 vehicle brands: trucks, buses, vans, passenger cars, EVs.
  3. Guaranteed data accuracy due to the fact that we have measured and reverse engineered the CAN bus data for all vehicles ourselves.
  4. We minimise time and labour consuming installations by providing installation guides for the requested vehicle types, supplied with our FMS Gateway.
  5. If you need to extract data from vehicles that are not currently in our database, we can conduct or supervise a measurement and  we can start the process of reverse engineering at short notice.

How it works?

Our FMS Gateway acts as a middleware between a contactless CAN reader and a telematics device (AVL unit). It receives CAN bus data through the CAN reader, processes these signals using high-precision algorithms and the decoded protocol of the vehicle, and then converts the data. The converted data consists of FMS Standard parameters and FMS compliant Inventure Proprietary messages with Extra Parameters such as seat belt status, lights status, door statuses, EV parameters, and many more. Then the FMS data is transmitted to the AVL unit of your choice.

Access All the Data You Need and Beyond

Although the average usage of our data covers around 20 parameters, including vehicle motion, overspeed, tachograph performance, and fuel rate, our firmware is capable to deliver over 100 parameters. To learn more about all of our FMS data parameters, please visit our knowledge base.

Testing data transmission between your AVL unit and our FMS Gateway has never been easier

With the FMS Data Test Kit, you have access to user-friendly tools that help you extract CAN data and understand the information provided. The kit also includes vehicle simulator firmware and descriptions to help you identify and interpret the data.

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Discover More Advantages of Inventure's FMS Gateway

  • Inventure FMS Gateway can replace expensive manufacturer’s FMS interface
  • It represents a general solution for all types of vehicles.
  • Expandable, tailor-made data solutions, as requested by your customer or partner.
  • The wide range of vehicle parameters exceeds the FMS-Standard parameters.
  • Brand indenpendent solution
  • Easy integration to any telematics systems
  • Certified product
  • Optional additional parameters (DTC, DTCO, EV)

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