CAN Bus data reading with maximum safety

By utilizing our validated sensor, you can minimize the risk of damage from human error and protect your warranty.

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Already more than a million vehicles rely on our CAN Bus data solutions

The Three Pillars of Superior CAN Data Reading

Non-Galvanic, One-Way Communication

Our solution ensures a contactless reading of CAN Bus wires, eliminating any potential risk to the warranty. One-way communication can help you avoiding error codes.

Reliable, Continuous Data Reading

Through our secure clamping mechanism with screws, we establish a robust and consistent data connection. This stability is maintained even over cable lengths of up to 10 meters.

Cost-Effective and User-Friendly Installation

The inclusion of a status LED provides immediate feedback on the proper installation, eliminating the need for your technician to revisit the vehicle for re-installation.

Maximizing the Extraction of CAN Raw Data


CAN raw parameters

1000 kB/s

data transfer speed

180 sec

average installation time

10 Major Benefits of Inventure CAN Sensor

  1. Brand-independent solution
  2. Compatible with all AVL systems with CAN or J1708 input
  3. Customizable with adjustable cable length up to 10 meters
  4. OBD-compatible CAN bus reader
  5. Low current consumption (typical 3 mA @ idle)
  6. Wide operating temperature range (-25°C to +85°C)
  7. Small size: 25x35x12 mm
  8. Reverse polarity protection
  9. Protected against overvoltage transient and overheating
  10. Supports 12-24V systems with 7-32V power voltage

3 easy steps for installation

  1. Connect the CAN Sensor to the designated CAN cable pair for accurate data acquisition.
  2. Verify proper positioning using the LED indicator, eliminating the need for revisiting the vehicle.
  3. Establish a connection between the CAN Sensor and your AVL unit or FMS Gateway signal for seamless integration.


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