Get hundreds of CAN data. With exceptional accuracy.

Our validated CAN reader prevents error codes and warranty issues.

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Thank you for integrating our solutions into over a million vehicles!

The Three Pillars of Superior CAN Data Reading

Safe and accurate communication

The one-way communication, the contactless reading eliminates any potential risks

Wide range of supported protocols

It supports standard High-Speed CAN, FMS, J1708, J1939, ISO 11992.

Compatibility with AVL systems

The CAN reader is compatible with all AVL systems that support input via CAN or J1708.

Maximizing the Extraction of CAN Raw Data


CAN raw parameters

1000 kB/s

data transfer speed

180 sec

average installation time

10 Major Benefits of Inventure CAN Sensor

  1. Brand-independent solution
  2. Compatible with all AVL systems with CAN or J1708 input
  3. Supports 12V LCV and 24V truck and bus systems 
  4. Compatible with all CAN bus physical layers
  5. Reusable for future installations
  6. Led status feedback for easy installation

  7. Customizable cable lengths up to 20 meters
  8. OBD-compatible CAN bus reader
  9. Small size: 25x35x12 mm
  10. Wide operating temperature range (-25°C to +85°C)

3 easy steps for installation

  1. Connect the CAN Sensor to the designated CAN cable pair for accurate data acquisition.
  2. Verify proper positioning using the LED indicator, eliminating the need for revisiting the vehicle.
  3. Establish a connection between the CAN Sensor and your AVL unit or FMS Gateway signal for seamless integration.


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