Providing analyzable data from any new vehicle will no longer be an issue 

Integrate our constantly updated CAN to FMS database, which includes over 400 new vehicles each year.

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Our partners, who are already benefiting from the Inventure Database

Handling the various data requests from fleet owners is getting more and more difficult.

As a telematics company, you may receive various requests from fleet owners daily. Extracting and decoding parameters from vehicles with unfamiliar data standards, such as those from LATAM or India. Handling the challenges of extracting and interpreting data from electric vehicles due to evolving standards and new models. Decoding parameters for new vehicles that are not yet available for measurement and reverse engineering.

To solve all these requests Inventure developed a CAN signal decoding database for over 2000 vehicles of different types and brands.

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10 Key Benefits of Inventure's Decoding Database

  • Get immediate access to accurate vehicle parameters. Over 2000 vehicles of different types and brands from 5 continents have been measured and its CAN bus data decoded to FMS standard.
  • Get a constantly extended database. We continuously perform new vehicle measurements and reverse engineering to update our database with more than 400-500 vehicles per year.
  • Share with us your future needs. Submit vehicle suggestion for our annual measurement plan. We prioritize vehicle measurements for the most popular new models and for vehicles requested by our regular partners.
  • Reduce drastically the installation period. Detailed, easy-to-follow installation manuals for all 2,000+ vehicles.
  • We provide a full support a 10-day engineer assistance for database integration.
  • Get unique services. Get transfer of calculation logic or unique measurements upon request.
  • Choose a licence period from 2 years to an unlimited period
  • Choose decoded data for a few vehicles or for the entire database. You could select those manufacturers, whose parameters are you interested about.
  • Choose between the standard or the extended parameters
  • Receive a lifetime usage right for the purchased licences.
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