Our language skills with vehicles just got bigger

Our language skills with vehicles just got bigger

Expanding Possibilities: Harnessing the Power of Telematics and TÜV Certification. Discover how our comprehensive database, advanced sensor technology, and cutting-edge solutions cater to diverse vehicle needs, ensuring quality, reliability, and seamless fleet management.

Language is a bridge, not a barrier. It opens up channels, creates possibilities, and can be a powerful tool, if used competently.

We always say that we speak the language of vehicles. Telematics is important for safe operation and effective use. With modern vehicles having more numerous and more complex electronic control and sensor systems than ever, retrieving the right information out of those systems poses an increasing challenge. Since the CAN bus of vehicles includes proprietary information, and CAN messages are not standardized throughout the market, manufacturer’s information is not always readily available and thoroughly documented. Most CAN bus protocols are different and require the right decoding mechanism to read the communication of ECUs on the bus. So, we make sure our list continuously expands. We work tirelesslyon expanding our capability for integrating and understanding CAN bus communication of an increasing number of vehicles. By now this means over 1800 model variants!


Our CAN signal decoding database for different types and brands also includes manuals with 100.000+ photos for installation. With our self-developed software and hardware we constantly extend our database where the majority of the new adaptations are triggered by the customers or the market share of the vehicle model.


We want to expand our list to the fullest, so we can provide customers with the most accurate and reliable metrics possible. A new vehicle won’t stop us providing you with state-of-the-art solutions for your fleet management service. If you have a model (or parameter) you cannot find in our database, contact us and we will help you with the adaptation fast and on-premise upon request.


Our latest additions to our list are not necessarily meant for fleet usage, but rather unique and one of a kind. Special prestige and luxury cars are evermore present in company fleets, leasing and rental. Even though the COVD-19 pandemic has led to a decline in vehicle production, rental, and leasing due to factory shut-downs, lockdowns and significantly less traveling in 2020 and 2021, factories are getting back to previous levels of activity. Tourism is slowly starting to gain momentum once more, and luxury car rental market is expected to almost triple by 2030 compared to 2022.


Premium vehicles especially deserve to be thoroughly diagnosed and well cared for, so we are glad to announce that our telemetric systems now support several unique electric and hybrid cars, and vans. The sale of electric cars has also showed a solid growth in 2022, which has to increase further during the next two decades for countries to reach their climate pledges and targets regarding Net Zero Emissions. And we are keeping up with the market – as always. Here are just some of the ones we consider you to check out. It will be worth your while.
So let’s see the categories with some prominent examples.

Fully electric vehicles (FEVs)

  • Tesla Model S;
  • Tesla Model X;
  • Mini Electric;
  • Mazda MX30;
  • Kia E-Niro;
  • Hyundai Kona Electric;
  • Dacia Spring;
  • JAC e-SEI2;
  • Nissan Leaf MK1 & MK

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs)

  • BMW 3 series MK7 PHEV;
  • VW Passat GTESima


  • Lexus GS MK4;
  • Lexus LX MK4;
  • Lexus NX MK1;
  • Suzuki Swace;
  • Toyota (CHR-Camry-Yaris) 


  • DAF XF MK5;
  • MB Arocs 5;
  • Volvo FE MK3 Facelift;
  • Ford F-Max;
  • Iveco T-Way;
  • Iveco X-Way

And what do we do with all these fancy cars? And of course, with all the already supported vehicles… We utilize the information they provide via our list of OEM independent solutions.


Contactless CAN Bus Sensors

Collect valuable information from your most valuable vehicles. Capture the CAN bus data with a professional contactless CAN reader method!

The Contactless CAN Bus Sensor ensures safe data reading from the internal communication network of your vehicles. Our cutting-edge sensor can be connected to the source of vital information without cutting and crimping the CAN bus wire. Without contact your vehicle stays intact, so it can be used with new cars, avoiding any warranty and safety issues. The sensors can be efficiently used with many kinds of aftermarket device that requires vehicle CAN bus data. The non-galvanic connection guarantees that no signal is sent back to vehicle CAN bus while providing you with all the information you might need, and even more!


FMS Gateway

Our FMS Gateway integrates with any telematics system, providing precise measurements and data. Our solution easily handle even mixed fleets without problem, presenting the data in a comparable way, that easily translates into actionable insights. Diverse rental fleets with many different types of vehicles including the premium category, can thoroughly monitor their assets from a distance, having the ability to evaluate how the renter drives, if they’re treating the vehicle well or abusing it, and how likely they are to cause an accident. In addition to the cost-reducing benefits of FMS systems this means further savings on insurance costs too!


Predictive Maintenance

Thanks to the volume and diversity of data our solutions provide, vehicle issues can often be predicted by AI, and can be prevented by performing the necessary maintenance steps BEFORE there is an issue.


Reefer Container Monitoring

Our Reefer Container Monitoring aftermarket measurement solution provides Reefer unit information, which easily integrates with any telematics system. An intelligent solution for comprehensive measurement of reliable and precise reefer data, cargo temperature, and door open/locked status. The Inventure Reefer Box device provides multi-zone temperature-monitoring, and acquires additional information about the operating mode, the engine mode, and total hours of operation among many others.

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