Driving safety redefined with advanced FMS parameters

Inventure Automotive partnered with a mining company's telematics provider to develop a new method for analyzing driving behavior, after the company experienced a high number of accidents involving their fleet of thousands of vehicles, mainly pick-up trucks.

The root cause was attributed to drivers not following safe driving rules in and around the mining site. To address the issue, the telematics partner sought to use FMS vehicle data extracted from Toyota Hilux pickups to gain insights into what was behind the accidents.

Previously, our engineers had extracted standard data from the vehicles, including fuel consumption, RPM, mileage, and fuel level. While this data could be used to analyze driver behavior, its primary purpose was to optimize operations.

Our task wasn't a small one, as we had to identify new parameters for improved insights into driving behavior and safety systems. During the exploration of new types of vehicle data, our team encountered two significant challenges. Despite having access to pick-up truck data, we discovered that the CAN bus network of the South American market vehicles differed from those in Europe. To quickly find a solution, our engineers employed remote assistance to determine how and where to obtain the ADAS data from technicians outside our company. As our head, Zsolt Nagy, notes, this process was akin to a remote surgery, where a surgeon controls robotic arms from a distance of thousands of kilometers away.

Data was collected in three key areas - lane departure warning assist, emergency brake assist, and adaptive cruise control - to reduce accidents. The expanded analysis made it easier to identify drivers who were not driving safely, enabling the company to provide them with training and resulting in a significant reduction in accidents.

In recognition of this successful collaboration, we have been awarded another contract to obtain ADAS parameters for a different vehicle.

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