15+ years experience
in CAN bus technology

About Inventure

Inventure Automotive is among the very few companies in the world that are able to offer contactless CAN bus reading and processing solution to the clients, independently from the vehicle manufacturers. Our contactless sensor connects by a non-galvanic method to the CAN bus network of the vehicle. This way any vehicle warranty and safety issues can be avoided while our solution is compatible with any vehicle type.

Currently the focus application of our products is to serve fleet management service providers with telematics and vehicle data through our own developed FMS Gateway. We provide data to our clients according to the FMS Standard, including high resolution fuel related information, vehicle status information, service distance, total engine hours, vehicle weight, axle weight, etc. The data provided is used to analyze and improve vehicle efficiency, eco-driving and maintenance planning.

Inventure Automotive is a global supplier of CAN data retrieving solutions. We have customers in five continents with major markets especially in the EU, Turkey, Canada, USA, Brazil, Saudi-Arabia and South Africa.

Inventure Automotive Electronics R&D, Inc. develops intelligent interfaces for telematics systems and automotive electronics market. We deliver client focused services by challenging, identifying key areas, analyzing requirements and providing the most cost-effective solutions. Inventure Automotive Electronics Research & Development, Inc. offers intelligent and fully comprehensive solutions for telematics and automotive industry by developing and supplying high-tech electronics with focus on fleet management and expertise in CAN bus technology for over 15 years.

Strength & Values

We are committed to supporting our partners in reducing fuel- and maintenance costs of vehicle fleets and increasing efficiency of vehicle operation. We are providing assistance in improving driver performance (Eco-driving), making vehicle operation more effective and the environment greener (Carbon footprint reduction). Our professional devices deliver real and precise vehicle related technical information and our highly qualified engineers provide continuous support and unique solutions for our business partners all over the world.

Key Market

Automotive electronics and telematics worldwide.


High value added, intelligent, fully comprehensive solutions.


Advanced expertise and flexibility behind our smart products, most inclusive database of CAN decoding in the market.


Joined the Company in 2016 as CEO, oversees full operation, main responsibility of business development.

Previously worked in different management and expert positions in the field of IT including Managing Director at LogDrill Kft., Head of R&D Department at KÜRT Zrt. and PKI Expert at NetLock Kft

Education: MSc in Law, BSc in Law and Economics

Viktor Nagy graduated with BSc Electronic Engineering diploma in 1998 and later he has received a degree in International Management and Business Studies at Budapest Business School.

He has 7 years’ experience in automotive industry as a Project Manager and 10 years’ experience in Sales.

From 2010 he is a Head of Sales Department at Inventure Automotive Electronics R&D, Inc.

International team


Andy Anderson

UK Distributor

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Graduated from college to become a Trainee Manager for electrical Retailer Tandy Corporation, where he was promoted and Managed 3 retail outlets.

Became involved selling and installing Mobile Phones Vehicle alarms and car audio systems, which progressed into sales and development of cd interfaces.

Andy moved to self-employed supplying wiring harnesses and production of cd interfaces and automotive installations of various OEM and aftermarket products.