Enrich your telematic service with raw sensor data

We collect the raw sensor data of trucks, vans, cars, buses, coaches, agricultural and construction machinery right into your telematic system.

We bring the age of data into the automotive industry. Today. Leverage the power of big data vehicle fleets produce in every single second.

FMS gateway workflow

How it works

Our non-galvanic data connector offers bullet-proof and easy-to-install access to the raw sensor-data of almost every single vehicle in the world. The collected data gets processed and converted to a standard format, that can be uploaded into any telematic system.

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Data sources

Since our solution is independent of any manufacturer, all vehicles are supported that feature CAN bus (approx. 1 billion). Today, our steadily expanding integration database covers more than 1000 vehicle models (and counting).

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What is the issue with OBD?

Nothing if you use it for what it was designed for. The On-board Diagnostics port was originally developed to serve the reporting needs of vehicle services. Therefore, you can easily meet its limits when you need accurate real-time data. A further drawback is the future availability for 3rd party devices.

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What is CAN bus?

It is the industry standard data bus in the automotive sector for interconnecting the sensors and the ECUs (Electronic Control Units) of the vehicle. Since all the data goes through the CAN bus, it is an ideal point to gather them at the same place.

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Smoothly integrated with:

Use cases

We are able to collect and analyze critical vehicle data from the CAN bus of the vehicle in real-time. Inventure’s core technology is an innovative non-galvanic CAN bus reading methodology that makes it possible to retrieve necessary data from the CAN bus network of any vehicle.

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